Rin's Thai Restaurant | Noe Valley
4301 24th St. & Douglass, San Francisco

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Tom Kha Gai chicken & mushrooms in coconut broth  10

Tom Yum Prawns mushrooms & tomato in lemongrass broth  11

Crab & Asparagus beech mushroom, egg drop broth, white pepper  18


Mini Imperial Rolls pork, white pepper & pineapple dipping sauce  9

Cold Tofu Rolls mint, vermicelli & greens in rice paper  10

Shrimp Rolls pork, mint, vermicelli & greens in rice paper  12

Grilled Salmon Rolls nori, pickled daikon, greens & kaffir lime aioli 13

Other Starters

Grilled Roti served with peanut sauce  9

Sweet Potato Samosas caramelized onions & curried savories  9

Zen Dumplings shrimp & pork, garlic chips, soy vinaigrette  12

Fried Calamari pineapple dipping sauce & kaffir lime aioli  12

Chicken Satay cucumber salad & peanut sauce  12

Vietnamese Lettuce Cups grilled chicken or crispy pork belly, vermicelli, fresh herbs & peanut sauce  11

Vegan Lettuce Cups grilled tofu, vermicelli, fresh herbs & peanut sauce  12


Green Papaya Salad egg, grilled pork, mint & peanut  10

Veggie House Salad peanut sauce, mushroom, tomato, fried tofu croutons, potato chips   10

Calamari & Ginger Salad red onions, scallions, mint, lemongrass & chili-lime vinaigrette  12

Tofu & Veggies

Spicy Tofu sweet garlic-chili sauce, ginger & fried basil   9

Grilled Seasonal Veggies ginger lemon dipping sauce  10

Veggie Pharam steamed veggies with peanut sauce  9

Broccoli & Fried Tofu in black bean sauce  9

Spicy Japanese Eggplant w/Veggies chili paste, fried tofu & basil  10

Lemongrass Tofu bell peppers, cashews & madras yellow curry  10


Rin’s Traditional Pad Thai tofu, prawns & bean sprouts  13

BBQ Chicken & Garlic Egg Noodles pineapple chili sauce  13

Broccoli Beef Noodles pan fried egg noodles with bamboo & carrots  13

Pad Si Ew thick rice noodles, egg, broccoli & choice of meat or tofu  13

Dungeoness Crab Cellophane Noodles beech mushroom, asparagus, red onion   18


Red Curry seasonal veggies & kabocha squash  13

Green Curry seasonal veggies & kabocha squash  13

Yellow Chicken Curry bay leaves, stewed potatoes & carrots  13

Seafood Green Curry mussels, prawns, squid & crab meat  26

From the Grill

Chiang Mai Style B.B.Q. Chicken served with pineapple chili sauce  13

Grilled Trout grilled seasonal veggies, lemon pepper dipping sauce  24

Grilled Salmon grilled seasonal veggies & lemon pepper dipping sauce  26

Wok Tossed

Firecracker Chicken basil, onions, bell peppers, jalapeno & chili paste  11

Mama’s Green Beans & Chicken garlic, cilantro, peppercorn & tofu 12

Cashew Chicken onions, celery, bell pepper & dried chilies  13

Lemongrass Chicken onions, bell pepper, ground peanut & dried chilies  13

Bangkok Bamboo Beef onion, bell peppers, & jalapeno in chili sauce  13

Spicy Japanese Eggplant pork & prawns chili paste and basil  15

Shaking Beef filet mignon, red onion, spring greens, shallot vinaigrette  28

Pad Talay prawns, squid & mussels in chili coconut sauce  26

Other Entrees

Peanut Chicken over wilted spinach  10

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings garlic-cilantro dipping sauce 12


Jasmine Rice  2      Rice Noodles  5           Cucumber Salad  2

Brown Rice  3         Egg Noodles  5            Peanut Sauce  2

Fried Rice  9           Black Sticky Rice 4      Steamed Veggies  5


Forbidden Black Rice sweet coconut milk & seasonal fruit or ice cream  8

Chocolate Cake rasberry coulis &  vanilla ice cream  9

Fried Banana Fritters honey & coconut ice cream  8

Mitchell's Coconut Ice Cream  6

Mitchell's Vanilla Bean Ice Cream  6

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Substitutions available upon request, additional charges may apply.

We don't use MSG!

Organic, local, sustainable, whenever possible. Prices are subject to change.

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Take out & delivery available, oh yeah!

$25 minimum for delivery.

15% gratuity charge on all deliveries orders over $100.

Delivery is a privilege, not a right. 

Please tip your delivery driver.

They work extra hard to get your Rin's Thai hot & fresh to your door!

Call about catering & large parties!!!

Yes, it's true - we are one of the oldest Thai restaurants in SF! Since 1985!

Still run by the same family!

18% gratuity charged on parties of 5 or more.

We are open from 5 pm to 10 pm daily.

Like us? Hate us? Tell us contactRins@gmail.com


Rice-Cured Pork Belly   16
ground peanut, thai chilis, cilantro, fresh ginger, red onion & lime

Crispy Brussel Sprouts   9
roasted garlic, house dressing, maldon sea salt

Salmon Curry with Avocado  26
basil, bell pepper & kabocha pumpkin 

Green Mango Salad with Fried Soft-Shell Crab  18   
red onion, cashew, mint & avocado 

Grilled Korean Short Rib  21
cilantro chimichurri

Pho with Grilled Pork (Khmer Style) 13
grilled pork shoulder, rice noodles, lime & fresh herbs

Menu changes weekly.
Spicy! Cold beer recommended.